Submitted By: Sharon Lewis

Calusa Garden Club Of Marco Island

In February 2020, Sharon Lewis, a member of the Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island contacted Erica Bradley, Property Manager of Brixmor, about utilizing space at the Marco Island Town Center for a plant and flower sale.  During this conversation, Erica talked about the renovation that was taking place and how Brixmor would like for a community-based garden club to assist with a design space at the Town Center. 

The Calusa Garden Club committee went to work. Sharon Lewis, Eva Kubinsky, and Monique Doyle were the main committee members who provided the designs in 2020 and planted the container plants in 2021-2022. Other members, Sue Oldershaw and Liz Haines provided consulting as needed.

Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island

This team collaborated with Erica Bradley and designed the “court yard area” in front of Margarita’s Restaurant and Summer Day Market & Café.

It was desired to have drought resistance plants that would thrive in the tropical heat and take little maintenance. The Calusa Garden Committee came up with both the designs and drawings and submitted them to Erica Bradley for her company’s approval.

In the planter boxes, “Croton’s “with its colorful foliage, were specified to be planted in the middle, mixed with “Green Liriope” grass around the edge to soften the planter’s edge.  Around the trees and lamp posts in the court yard, “sun loving tropical Bromeliads.” were selected.

In addition, Lewis says, “we wanted other colorful focal points in the courtyard.  We selected bright blue large ceramic pots and filled them with tropical sedums, succulents and sansevieria which really add interest to the courtyard. To finish the surrounding area, we planted 7 large white containers and filled them with Pygmy Date Palm trees. This was the finishing touch to provide a breezy tropical look to the perimeter of the court yard. “

The Calusa Garden Club is a member of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs. The members of this garden club continue to encourage and assist in establishing and maintaining botanical gardens and other horticultural endeavors in the City of Marco Island. The Calusa Garden Club is a certified Blue Zone Organization, Southwest Florida Zone Project.