City of Marco Island Installs Bicycle Rack in Leigh Plummer Park.

After installing the new bromeliad, orchid and tillandsia garden at Leigh Plummer Park, Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island requested that the City of Marco Island furnish and install a bicycle rack near the entrance to the park.  The City of Marco Island delivered the bicycle rack in July, and it is now available for bikers who choose to park their bicycles and take advantage of a seat ,or a swing –  under the shade of the trees in Leigh Plummer Park, or who wish to interrupt their bike rides to take a stroll around Calusa Pond in the park. Members of the garden club who work to maintain the plants in the garden beds were very grateful for the City of Marco Island’s cooperation in installing the new bicycle and enabling bikers and visitors to enjoy the gardens.

Calusa Garden Club played a role in founding Leigh Plummer Park in the 1980’s.  The persons in the photo are, left to right, Marianne Foley, Calusa Garden Club Leigh Plummer Park Garden Co-Chairman;  Heather Reed, Marco Island Fleet and Facilities Coordinator;  Martha Montgomery, Marco Island Manager of Parks, Culture and Recreation; Miguel Carballo, Marco Island Manger of Fleet and Facilities; and Sue Oldershaw, Calusa Garden Club Leigh Plummer Park Garden Co-Chairman