Floral Design chairman Lindy Kowalczyk presented an educational and fun workshop on underwater designs on Monday, January 23. Nine CGC members attended. As she always does when presenting a floral design class, Lindy began by talking about the principles and elements and of design, and showed a partially finished design for which she analyzed those principles and elements. She also discussed the requirements for judging an underwater design, and showed photos of good quality designs that fitting those requirements. Finally, Lindy discussed the problems of mechanics with underwater designs and the types of flowers that work well.

Lindy then showed the group several flowers and greens she had wired together in an artful arrangement. She showed how to place the design in the container, and add other elements.  Care must be taken to fasten every element so it does not float with the water is added.  Finally, she showed how to add additional design elements above the water that complemented the underwater elements.  The pouring of the distilled water into the container is the last step, and it should be done slowly.

The members then worked on their own designs with assistance of Lindy, Bonnie Colman and Marianne Foley.  The photos show the members with their designs. Marianne Foley’s inventive design using two transparent vases is not pictured below, but is pictured on the far right in the photo above that shows all the designs.