On February 9, J. McLaughlin women’s and men’s clothing store at Marco Towne Center featured Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island and our charitable works in their store and outside the store front. Club members Sara Wolf, Sharon Lewis and Ellen Norton demonstrated making floral designs using folded, pleated and bent leaves of tropical plants as accents. The red roses in the designs popped after adding the manipulated greenery. We also solicited donations to our Club for our garden maintenance on Marco Island and for our college scholarship. For donations of less than $10, we gave donors a list of plants that thrive on Marco Island, and for donations of $10 or more, we gave donors a CGC Month-By-Month Gardening Guide. J.McLaughlin donated 15% of the day’s sales to Calusa Garden Club, resulting in a donation to our club of about $750.

THANK YOU, J.McLAUGHLIN! Calusa Garden Club appreciates your support.