On Wednesday, February 1, CGC members met at Leigh Plummer Park in our newly established garden that features bromeliads, orchids and tillandsia among other plants. Horticulture experts and founders of the Leigh Plummer Park garden Marianne Foley and Sue Oldershaw conducted a workshop on types of bromeliads, different sun requirements, how to separate pups from the “mother” plant, how to plant bromeliads, and how to water them.

After the informational and demonstration workshop, the hands-on work began! Workshop attendees got their gloves on and worked in the garden with bromeliads. The members enhanced the already striking garden with their efforts.

The picture above shows the members attending the workshop, left to right: Jane Robinson, Janet Watson, Margie Bramel, Kathy Stark, Nanette Baumgardner, Donna Kay, Sue Oldershaw, Ellen Norton, Marianne Foley, and Joan Husband.

Sue Oldershaw and Marianne Foley Present Lesson on Bromeliads.