On Monday, October 23, 2023, Floral Design Chairman Lindy Kowalczyk presented a workshop on creative vertical designs to CGC members.  Members in attendance were Sue Oldershaw, Jen Ferrier, Kimberly Korb Porter, Carol Donegan, Marsha Riss, and new applicant Valerie Aguis.

 Lindy began the workshop by discussing the elements of creative vertical designs.  They can be asymmetrical; the main line of the design must be vertical or on a slant, but more up and down than horizontal, and other principles and elements of design also apply.  She supplied tropical plants to enhance the designs the participants made.  The beautiful and distinctive tropical flowers lent a sophisticated touch to the vertical designs.  With these bold flowers, the vertical lines were strikingly  beautiful in each floral design.  The photos show the designs and the design creators.  Wow!  Calusa Garden Club has some talented designers