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CALUSA GARDEN CLUB DEMONSTRATIONS AT FUN WITH FLORA AND FAUNA, Marco Center for the Arts, Saturday, March 5 and Sunday March 6


The Magic of Tigertail presentation's post report

Charlette Roman Presents “The Magic of Tigertail” to Calusa Garden Club and Marco Island Yacht Club 

"Recycling Do's and Don'ts" post report

Margie Hapke, Marco Island resident and Collier County Recycling Co-Ordinator, met with Calusa Garden Club at its meeting on Monday, February 13, to discuss recycling options for Marco Island and Collier County resident.  Margie has worked for Collier County since 2002, and her mission in this capacity is to educate the residents of the county about the importance of recycling and how it helps the county, the residents, and our world.  Ms.

Keeping Wildlife Safe

This link is from the Conservancy of Southwest Floirda's website. Please share with others to promote wildlife safety.

Master Gardeners Green Gazette 2016-17

Check out all the wonderful information contained in this site.

Orchid information for each month - Martin Mote 

Brought to you by the St. Augustine Orchid Society


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