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Naples Orchid Society

This will  be a helpful site for orchid growers.

April 2016 Smoke Signals

 Find this in the newsletter section above.


                                      MARCH 5 AND 6           10 AM -4PM

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"Tea by Design"

 Calusa's fund raiser held January 21st was a huge success.  

Presenter Anthony Swick,renowned designer, demonstrated new trends in floral designs. He challenged the ladies to think beyond the “familiar” style.  

The ladies enjoyed a wonderful menu, teas,program , prizes  and a chance to dress in their finery. Check out the pictures in the gallery section. 

Annual Christmas Party


               The members and guests of the Calusa Garden Club enjoyed a festive celebration of the holidays. Wonderful dishes, punch and company were present.  The program featured the " Bonsai Boys" giving a presentation on beginning a bonsai plant. A wonderful start to the holiday season was had by all attendees. see the gallery for more photos.  



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