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October Garden Club Meeting 2018




On Monday, October 8, 2018, about 40 members and guests of Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island met at Wesley United Methodist Church.  President Sandy Wallen presided over the business meeting, at which the officers and committee chairpersons reviewed plans for the 2018-2019 Club Year.  New members and guests were welcomed by Membership Chairperson Jackie Purvis. The club has 54 members and 7 associate members, and Purvis commented that attendance was good for the Club’s first meeting of the season. 

Donna Kay, Master Gardener, presented a horticulture workshop on bromeliads with assistance from Barbara Messner and Sue Oldershaw.  Members enjoyed seeing the wide variety of bromeliads – different colors, shapes and sizes -- and their unusual flowers that Kay brought to the workshop.  

The speaker for the meeting was club member Jacquelyn Pierce, who spoke to the group about and showed pictures of Iceland, including Skrudur, the northernmost botanical garden in the world. Skrudur, located near the Arctic Circle, was one of the high points of Pierce’s June trip to Iceland due to her lifelong interest in gardening and horticulture.  The community members in Murdur, Iceland, volunteer to work in Skrudur and maintain it today as an example of the flora that can be grown in Iceland.  Beautiful yellow, blue and purple flowers peek from dark green foliage throughout the garden, and vegetables including turnips and potatoes are also grown there.


The garden was established in 1905 by the headmaster of the boarding school at Nurdur, who used the garden as an educational tool for the students as well as for a source of food for the students. The Skrudur garden grew into disrepair when the school at Nurdur was closed in 1980.  The community members have revived the garden and today it displays beautiful plants, flowers and vegetables.  The entrance to the garden is framed by an arch made of whale rib bones – quite unusual. 

 Sara Wolf

Publicity Chairperson


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