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Students display their bird feeders





Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island members met on Wednesday, May 2 with the Junior Gardeners at Tommie Barfield Elementary School for their final meeting of the 2017-2018 school year.  Twenty-four fourth and fifth-grade students attend the monthly after-school gatherings sponsored by the Garden Club, where the students participate in activities centered on gardening, ecology and environmental matters, and floral design.  Chairpersons of Junior Gardeners are Opi DeFalco and Linda Walker, and they are assisted by other Garden Club volunteers each month.


Photos and write up by Sara Wolf - publicity chair



The Junior Gardeners’ floral designs were featured at Calusa Garden Club’s March 2-3 flower show as shown in the attached photograph. The photo also includes pictures of the Junior Gardeners at work accompanied by cards written by the students about their favorite Junior Gardeners’ activities.  At their April meeting, the students made “grass heads” by layering grass seed in a ball of soil, placing the ball in a nylon stocking, and inserting it in a plastic cup after putting some google eyes on their “heads.”  One picture shows the Junior Gardeners with their “grass heads” and another picture shows two students with their “grass heads” made in the 2016-2017 school year, showing a full head of “hair.” 

Other activities the Junior Gardeners enjoyed were planting petunias in the yard front of the school, making bird feeders from orange halves filled with a mixture of peanut butter and bird seed that were hung by twine from the trees in the school yard, and making dish gardens that they could take home.  Attached are pictures of the Junior Gardeners with their bird feeders, and of Junior Gardeners with their dish gardens.


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