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    Marianne Foley, the Garden Club’s Scholarship Chairperson, presented the $750 check for college expenses to Maddie on Thursday, April 12.  Madeline Grucci, a graduating high school student from St. John Newmann was awarded a monatary scholarship award for her future studies. Pictured left to right at Mackle Park are Marianne Foley and Madeline Grucci. While Maddie  has not yet decided which college she will attend, she will major in biological science at one of the several universities to which she has been accepted.  Maddie said she enjoys the sciences and is exploring careers in both medicine and laboratory sciences, acknowledging that she has a few more years in which to determine her future and that she most likely be pursuing a graduate degree for whichever career choice she makes.  Maddie thanked Calusa Garden Club for her scholarship and was happy to receive the help for her college expenses.  


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