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Calusa Donates to Eagle Cam Fund




Carl H. Way, Founder and Chairman of Marco Eagle Sanctuary Foundation and Marco Island Nature Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, received a $1,000 donation to the Eagle Cam fund from Calusa Garden Club on Monday, April 10.  The Foundation, the parent organization for the Nature Preserve project, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to establishing and preserving the Nature Preserve, protecting wildlife and educating the public about the importance of both.  


Mr. Way thanked the Garden Club officers and members who attended the donation ceremony at the Nature Preserve. He noted that the Club’s gift will be helpful in attaining the Eagle Cam goal of $45,000.  The Eagle Cam Fund will purchase and install two high-tech, weather proof, climate-resistant cameras with remote control capabilities, a computer system and software for transmission, and high powered broadband broadcasting of activities of the eagle nest on the Preserve.


Pictured are left to right, Linda J. Turner, Communications Director for Marco Island Nature Preserve and Bird Sanctuary, Mr. Way, Linda Colombo, past President of Calusa Garden Club, Sandy Wallen, President of Calusa Garden Club, and garden club members and past officers Opi DeFalco and Lindy Kowalczyk.  The group is pictured with the eagles’ nest in the tall tree in the background.


Linda Colombo, Past President of the Calusa Garden Club stated, “This Eagle Cam donation is in keeping with our Club’s objectives, which include aiding in the protection of native trees, plants and birds as well as furthering the education of the public in environmental awareness and nature studies.” 


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